Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth Chapter 99

Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth Chapter 99

Chapter 99 

Nathan looked at the pile of neckties and then looked up at Simon, who was standing protectively in front of Emilia. His hand slowly clenched into a fist

Emilia, even if you have grievances against Jessica, she doesn’t owe you anything. Your brother has caused her so much harm. Don’t you feel guilty?” 

Upon hearing Nathan’s words, Emilia could only think of him as someone unfathomable

She had asked Nathan to investigate the surveillance footage. It should not be a difficult task

It definitely was not

It could only mean one thing

It meant that Nathan was protecting Jessica unconditionally

Emilia retorted coldly, Nathan, if Jessica hadn’t done those things. herself, who could have used them against her? Please understand that it was her own actions that gave others a reason to talk!” 

Furthermore, if you truly like her, then go ahead and marry her. Don’t cancel the wedding just because she had a fling with someone else!she continued

She added, Nathan, can you stop acting high and mighty as if everyone. owes you something?” 

Emilia was merciless with her responses, leaving Jessica stunned

Nathan was infuriated by her words as well

His chest heaved with anger as Nathan fixed his sharp gaze on Emilia. His handsome face radiated coldness

Seeing Nathan’s silence, Emilia seized the opportunity to express the grievances she had accumulated over the years

Moreover, we’re already divorced! Even if I want to buy a gift for Simon, what’s it to you? Did I use your credit card? Are you the kind of 1 person who interferes in everything, even with what your exwife does?” 




Nathan was about to say something, but Simon interrupted him without hesitation

Mr. Miller, I suggest you go to see a doctor if your eyesight is bad. I truly can’t fathom how you could abandon an emerald for something so insignificant. How dare you question Lia like that?” 

Is it possible that he’s not just blind but also presumptuous?Emilia asked

Simon replied, There might be another possibility. That is, he could love to distort facts!” 

The two of them continued to attack Nathan in unison, making him seem utterly insignificant. Jessica was so furious that she pointed her finger at the two of them, and her whole body trembled as she took deep, labored breaths

Why? Why did Emilia have no trace of jealousy about me being with Nathan? And she was also very eloquent!Jessica questioned in her heart

The more Jessica thought about it, the angrier she became. She rushed. forward exasperatedly, wanting to fight Emilia. You! You are making false accusations! What gives you the right to slander me?” 

However, Nathan stopped Jessica’s actions

Jessica met his sharp and impatient gaze and instantly regained her senses. She was nearly blinded by anger for a moment and almost rushed forward to fight with Emilia

Jessica immediately shifted her target and said pitifully, Nathan, they’re too much! After all, you’ve provided Emilia with a comfortable life for three whole years. Instead of being grateful, she seems to resent seeing you doing well. Nathan, why is she like this?” 

With that, Jessica leaned into Nathan’s arms without a care

Nathan frowned and moved away from Jessica. He said, Why are you here? Didn’t the nurse say you haven’t fully recovered and need to rest for another half month?” 

Oh. I” 

Jessica was suddenly asked, so she was unsure how to respond


back to the hospital and have a re. Don’t stand here.” 

Nathan was not interested in listening to Jessica’s complaints. He only. wanted to ask Emilia why she was here with Simon, shopping together, dating, drinking the same brand of latte, and even buying ties for him

Nathan, she hit me just now…” 

Jessica grabbed the man’s hand and wanted to act coquettish, but Nathan pushed her away. Don’t you know your own body’s condition? Come on. Hurry back to the hospital.” 

If it were not for Jessica’s history of attempting to take her own life, Nathan would not bother wasting words on her

However, Nathan’s patience with Jessica only made Emilia feel more heartbroken

She remembered the previous news about Jessica’s attempt to take her own life

Emilia could not believe it

She recalled the time when she had a miscarriage and lost their child. Nathan had never displayed any concern for her

With that thought, Emilia could only smile bitterly in her heart. As the saying goes, one should not compare one’s life with others

She only felt sorry for the child who never had a chance to be born

WellNathan, I’ll head back to the hospital and wait for you.” 

Jessica was now afraid of further irritating Nathan, and even though she was unwilling, she left the Mogllo Karlo store

She shot a fierce glare at Emilia as she was leaving

Seeing that, Simon frowned and stood in front of Emilia, shielding her

Initially, out of consideration that both Emilia and Jessica were women, Simon refrained from interfering

However, now that Jessica had left, only Nathan remained

Of course, he could not stay silent anymore

Simon looked at Nathan with displeasure and asked, Mr. Miller, what do you intend to do? Are you planning to hurt Lia again?” 

han’s expression darkened as he heard Simon repeatedly referring to Emilia as Lia

My relationship with her is none of your concern.” 

Nathan’s voice was cold. Blocked by Simon, he could not see Emilia’s expression and could only glare at the hem of her clothes

Nathan, what right do you have to say such things?” 

Emilia asked that as she turned sideways and appeared in Nathan’s sight

Simon and However, instead of looking at Nathan, she turned to continued, Sorry about this, Simon. It’s your birthday, and you had to witness such an unpleasant situation.” 

It doesn’t matter. Your problems are my problems too. I” 

While Simon was responding with a smile, Emilia was suddenly grabbed by the wrist by Nathan and pulled into his embrace with a tight grip

Nathan! What are you doing?” 

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Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth

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Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth



[Nathan, let's get a divorce.] Emilia Saunders stared at the blinking cursor on her phone screen for a while. Taking a deep breath, she finally stopped hesitating and pressed the send button. Subsequently, she tossed her phone onto the coffee table, knelt down on the floor, and began packing her bags. Her hands moved incessantly, and her mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. She had been married to Nathan Miller for three years. During this time, she had consistently maintained a humble demeanor and her love for him had never wavered, even though he had always carried feelings for another woman. And that woman, Jessica Bennett, had returned. This was precisely why she had received that very photograph—Jessica, leaning closely against Nathan, her face beaming with a tender, radiant smile. That smile had punctured Emilia's heart like a dagger. The cruel irony was that the date displayed on the photograph was her 23rd birthday. Her own husband had spent her special day with another woman. It was ridiculous.  

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Title: Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth
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Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth


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