Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth Chapter 40

Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Meanwhile, Emilia’s private room was full of joy

“Emils. I heard you specally dressed up for me today. Is it true?”

Simon was sitting on the right side of Emilia. His slender fingers leisurely fiddled with a white porcelain cup. His watery, captivating eyes made people’s hearts flutter just by looking at them

But Emilia didn’t care about the lovely right in front of ber

She vaguely remembered that the had participated in the auction many years ago and had not experienced such an atmosphere for ages.

“It’s not true. Emilia responded quite simply

“Pff…” Emilia’s attitude amused Hayden Lia isn’t your answer too beardless?” Although Emilia said that, Simon didn’t take it to heart. His captivating eyes seemed fixated on Emilia and were full of miles

“What do you like? Tell me, and I’ll buy it for you!

When she heard Simon’s question, Emilia looked back at him and raised her eyebrows slightly. “What do you think you can buy that I can’t now?”

Emilia was full of confidence now

Simon wilted instantly. Hayden laughed out loud, and the laughter reached Nathan’s ears.

Tll go out for a while. Nathan didn’t want to see Emilia again. After he was informed that Brian had packed his collections, he left the private room and decided to discuss with the latter their cooperation in advance.

Fiona was satisfied that she had won the bid for a w

Coral pillow she fancied. When she saw Nathan leave, she began to curse Emilia who was in the opposite private room.

“They have just divorced, and she already hooked up with another man in public. Shame on her!”

Fiona rolled her eyes angrily. Although she promised Nathan not to make things difficult for Emilia, she still thought about how to deal with Emilia to teach her a lesson.

“That’s right! She served us like a dog when she was in the Miller family. Why is she acting like a noble lady now? Bah!”

Since Nathan was not there, Caroline immediately followed up when she heard Fiona’s words.

If it weren’t for the fear that Nathan wouldn’t let her spend money, Caroline would have wanted to scold Emilia to vent her anger.

“How dare Emilia embarrass me so much today and even bring two men to


Love Rehums In Unexpected Ways

humiliate me. I will make her pay for it one day!”

As she thought about the person she had always looked down upon insulting her today, all her accumulated anger burst forth. She even harbored a grudge against. Hayden and Simon, who had defended Emilia.

Hayden, who had always been sharp about malice, noticed Fiona’s malevolent


When he saw the items bid by Fiona were all wedding supplies, he recalled the news about Nathan’s marriage to Jessica a few days ago. He felt sorry for Emilia. “Lia.” Hayden’s tone was filled with distress.

“Hm?” Emilia couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the situation on Nathan’s side at this time. She stared at the auction center downstairs with beautiful eyes, waiting for the set of porcelain bowls to start auctioning. “Hayden, do you know which exhibit is auctioned before the porcelain bowl set?”

When he saw that Emilia didn’t seem to care about Nathan at all, Hayden swallowed back the words he had wanted to say.

No matter what, he still wanted Emilia to enjoy herself. It was unnecessary to talk about Nathan, lest it affect her mood.

“I think it should be arranged behind the jewelry. After all, the more precious things are, the later they will appear.” Hayden smiled gently.

“That makes sense.” Emilia nodded in agreement.

Simon saw that Emilia was in a bad mood, plus he had wanted to buy a gift for her. He took a fancy to the jade necklace that was being auctioned at the moment. The jade necklace was displayed in the center of the stage. A total of 27 jade beads the size of a thumb were threaded on a silk cord. The buckle on the back was. embedded with various precious colorful gems onre gold inlays. It was said

ng royal necklaces in that it was designed by masters responsible for de ancient times. The whole piece was glistening, emitting an air of prosperity and honor.

“10 million dollars.” Suddenly, a voice sounded beside Emilia.

“Hm?” Emilia looked back at Simon. Simon hadn’t shown interest in any of the exhibits. She was a little surprised and asked, “Do you like this jade necklace?” It was woman’s necklace.

When he saw Emilia’s puzzled face, Simon languidly leaned against the couch’s backrest and gazed at her with affection and indulgence. “Emilia, I see you are not in a good mood, so I’m thinking of buying this necklace as a gift.” Simon didn’t. want to give Emilia the chance to refuse.

In the meantime, the auctioneer on the first floor started to shout, “10 million dollars once! Ten million dollars twice!”

Just as Emilia didn’t know how to stop Simon, someone else raised the bid.


Love Returns In Unexpected Ways

12 million dollars!”

“12 million dollars! The guests in private room No. 3 on the second floor quoted 12 million dollars! Is there any higher bid? This is a rare treasure! Regardless of age or status, anyone adorned with such a top–tier necklace will steal the limelight! And don’t forget its exceptional collection value. It’s definitely at profitable deal!”

In high spirits, the auctioneer encouraged and inspired the audience, uplifting the mood of the auction. Meanwhile, Simon shot a cold glance at the person across from him.

On the opposite, Fiona was staring at Simon with a smug look. Arrogance and disdain were blatant on her face.

“14 million dollars.”

Simon was no ordinary figure. Even if he was not as wealthy as the Miller Group, he still belonged to one of Radford’s leading enterprises. He could afford such a small sum of money.

On the contrary, Emilia hurriedly got up and leaned forward to cover Simon’s mouth with her hand. “What are you doing?”

Simon raised his hand to take Emilia’s hand off his mouth. With his eyes narrowed, he asked, “What’s wrong? Emilia, do you care about me?”

“No, I just think if it’s for me…”

“16 million dollars!” Before Emilia could finish her words, Fiona’s voice rang out again.

The bid kept rising by 2 million dollars, arousing the curiosity of some merchants on the first floor, who then raised their heads to see who the rich and powerful bidders were.

Le Saunders family hanging When they spotted insignia of the Miller family a outside the private rooms, everyone seemed to grasp the situation, and a murmur of voices arose among the crowd.

“I heard from Mr. Zabel that before the auction, the chairman of Saunders Group and the young lady of the Miller family had a conflict. Now it looks like these two families are competing with each other!”

“Based on my opinion, the maximum appreciation potential of such a jade. necklace is only 16 million dollars. If it is higher, it will be a loss–making trade!” “A dispute broke out between Radford’s two leading enterprises. With such a tit–for–tat confrontation, does it mean that things will change in Radford?”

The two families kept raising their bids, regardless of the consequences. Everyone else was whispering, but nobody dared to interfere at all.

Lave Returns In Unexpected Ways


Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth

Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/9/2023 Native Language: English
Love Returns in Unexpected Ways" by Lilybirth is a poignant novel exploring the intricate facets of love. Through unforeseen events, the narrative unfolds, revealing how love, resilient and transformative, can reemerge in surprising and meaningful ways, weaving a tapestry of emotions that captivates the heart.

Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth



[Nathan, let's get a divorce.] Emilia Saunders stared at the blinking cursor on her phone screen for a while. Taking a deep breath, she finally stopped hesitating and pressed the send button. Subsequently, she tossed her phone onto the coffee table, knelt down on the floor, and began packing her bags. Her hands moved incessantly, and her mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. She had been married to Nathan Miller for three years. During this time, she had consistently maintained a humble demeanor and her love for him had never wavered, even though he had always carried feelings for another woman. And that woman, Jessica Bennett, had returned. This was precisely why she had received that very photograph—Jessica, leaning closely against Nathan, her face beaming with a tender, radiant smile. That smile had punctured Emilia's heart like a dagger. The cruel irony was that the date displayed on the photograph was her 23rd birthday. Her own husband had spent her special day with another woman. It was ridiculous.  

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Title: Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English
  Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth / Review "Love Returns In Unexpected Ways" by Lilybirth is a captivating novel that weaves a tapestry of emotions and serendipity. The narrative unfolds with a unique blend of romance, unpredictability, and introspection, leaving readers spellbound from the first page to the last. The author, Lilybirth, skillfully crafts characters that are both relatable and enigmatic. The protagonist's journey of self-discovery and the intricacies of relationships are portrayed with depth and authenticity. The novel explores the theme of love's resilience, emphasizing that it can manifest in the most unexpected moments and ways. The plot takes unexpected twists and turns, keeping the reader engaged and eager to uncover the next chapter of the characters' lives. Lilybirth's writing style is evocative, painting vivid imagery that allows readers to immerse themselves in the story's rich tapestry. The dialogue is natural and poignant, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the characters' interactions. The novel also explores the concept of fate and the interconnectedness of lives, demonstrating how seemingly unrelated events can converge to shape profound and meaningful connections. Lilybirth masterfully navigates the complexities of human emotions, making the reader reflect on their own experiences with love and destiny. "Love Returns In Unexpected Ways" is a poignant and heartwarming tale that transcends conventional romance novels. Lilybirth's storytelling prowess shines through, creating a narrative that lingers in the reader's mind long after the final page. This novel is a testament to the enduring power of love and the beauty of its unexpected manifestations.  

Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth


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