Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth Chapter 15

Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth Chapter 15

Chapter 15

After listening to Raymond’s promise and seeing the determination and loyalty in his eyes, Emilia felt relieved.

“With Mr. Zimmerman’s company and protection, it’ll be easier for me to regain control of the company,” Emilia mused.

At that moment, she felt at ease.

“Thank you, Mr. Zimmerman. Things are getting easier for me with your


Generally, changes were always inevitable in the company under a new broom. Once Emilia returned to Saunders Group, the first changes she made caused an act of sheer desperation.

She not only fired the manager of a crucial sales department but also put a hold on Jason’s project. In addition, she appointed her confidant to be the sales department manager, establishing her authority over the other


Senior executives appeared loyal to Emilia, but she suspected they might/ be scheming some strategies against her.

“I must be cautious,” Emilia mused.

Upon thinking of that, she glanced cautiously at Raymond and uttered, “Mr. Zimmerman, Saunders Group is not as wealthy as it once was. Therefore, we must avoid any missteps. As far as I know, Jason has recently initiated a major project. However, I have put it on hold since I doubt its reliability. For now, we should keep an eye on it.”

She added, “But so far, we’ve invested a lot of money in the project. The senior executives will not let it slide. They will find various ways to start the project and fight back.”

After hearing that, Raymond stared at Emilia with an unfathomable gaze. “What do you want to do?”

“I need your help to gather the shares secretly. Remember not to alert those senior executives and Jason.”

Raymond nodded upon hearing what Emilia had said. “Don’t worry. It know what to do.”

Emilia, who had neat shoulder–length hair and delicate makeup on her



Chapter 15

face, stood in the CEO’s office of Saunders Group. She was dressed in a black suit and four–inch high heels. While standing in front of a

floor–to–ceiling window, she held a coffee cup. She was using her phone while sipping on her coffee.

Emilia’s gaze darkened when she saw the news video entitled [Dancing Queen, Jessica Bennett, and Nathan Miller will be tying the knot someday.] Then, Emilia clicked on the video.

It was a video of Jessica being interviewed by reporters at the entrance of the hospital.

The slender and good–looking woman looked pale and sickly in the video. The blanket she was using was hand–knitted by Emilia.

Facing the camera, Jessica looked unusually calm. Her face was tiny, and her voice was sweet.

“Nathan was my childhood sweetheart, and we used to be lovers who deeply cared for each other,” Jessica commented. “I’ve already given up on him once, and I don’t want to let go for a second time. Now that Nathan is divorced, I’ll pursue him again and won’t let go.”

The implicit meaning behind her words was that she would always be the only person in Nathan’s heart; Emilia was the mistress who had

destroyed their relationship.

“Ha,” Emilia smiled helplessly and coldly. At that moment, her lower jaw looked stiff.

Initially, she had thought that it would not hurt her.

Nevertheless, when Emilia heard the woman’s words in the video, she furrowed her eyebrows. All she could feel was that her heart had sunk.

She paused the video and clicked on the comments,

In the current user–generated content era, news spread very rapidly.

The news that Nathan and Jessica might get married had just broken out in less than half an hour, but the number of comments and views had probably exceeded ten million.

[Finally, my goddess is getting married to her first love! True love prevails! They are finally together!]

[I’ve long heard that Jessica and the CEO of Miller Group are childhood


Chapter 15

sweethearts. If it weren’t for Emilia, the shameless mistress, Ms. Bennett would have been married to Nathan long ago.]

[Boohoo! My goddess is so pitiful. Her leg was injured. She can’t dance in the future!]

Of course, there were different opinions in the comment section.

[Anyhow, Jessica is Nathan’s first love. Now, her leg is injured. I think Nathan’s heart must ache so much for her. Jessica is about to turn the tables!]

There was even a heated discussion about Emilia.

[I heard that Nathan’s ex–wife came from the countryside. She faked that she was pregnant to marry into the powerful Miller family.]

[Emilia is a gold digger. Now that Jessica has returned, Emilia must have been kicked out of the Miller family! Hahaha!]

[I heard that Emilia is quite pretty. Compared to Jessica, I wonder who is better…]

[Me! Me! Me! I have a photo of Emilia. I can post it!]

[I want to see!]

[Me, too!]

[Yes! Me, too!]

Looking at those unkind comments, Emilia raised her eyebrows. Still, she could not help but think of that person. His handsome appearance had already been imprinted on her mind forever.

Her heart still hurt very badly.

However, since she had decided to leave, there was no way back.

She narrowed her eyes when she saw someone in the comment section. who wanted to expose her photo. At that moment, she had a vague sense of foreboding.

Once someone posted her photo on the internet, such a simple thing would also be complicated.

Emilia’s intuition told her that she couldn’t let anyone post her photos on

the internet.

With that, Emilia calmed down and turned on the computer. Her slender fingers tapped quickly on the keyboard, directly hacking into the account. of the person who wanted to expose her photo and investigate her identity. Then, Emilia deleted all traces of her.

No traces were left as if she had not been present.

As soon as she turned off the computer, her phone suddenly rang.

After seeing that it was a call from Hayden, Emilia rolled her eyes lazily and asked. “What is it?”

“Don’t you know that, My Lady?” Hayden continued, “It’s not a big deal. It just pisses you off. You should quickly go online and have a look. Your immoral ex–husband and his dearest mistress posted the news of your divorce on the internet. They even insinuated that you were the mistress. who affected them!”

Hayden, who was on the other end of the phone sounded more angry than Emilia.

“How dare that vixen call you a mistress? How unreasonable! What a double–faced woman. In fact, she is the slut, the mistress. I have never seen such a shameless person before.” Then, he added, “Just wait and see. I’ll scold her to death right now! Then, I’ll make the news disapp


Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth

Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth

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Love Returns in Unexpected Ways" by Lilybirth is a poignant novel exploring the intricate facets of love. Through unforeseen events, the narrative unfolds, revealing how love, resilient and transformative, can reemerge in surprising and meaningful ways, weaving a tapestry of emotions that captivates the heart.

Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth



[Nathan, let's get a divorce.] Emilia Saunders stared at the blinking cursor on her phone screen for a while. Taking a deep breath, she finally stopped hesitating and pressed the send button. Subsequently, she tossed her phone onto the coffee table, knelt down on the floor, and began packing her bags. Her hands moved incessantly, and her mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. She had been married to Nathan Miller for three years. During this time, she had consistently maintained a humble demeanor and her love for him had never wavered, even though he had always carried feelings for another woman. And that woman, Jessica Bennett, had returned. This was precisely why she had received that very photograph—Jessica, leaning closely against Nathan, her face beaming with a tender, radiant smile. That smile had punctured Emilia's heart like a dagger. The cruel irony was that the date displayed on the photograph was her 23rd birthday. Her own husband had spent her special day with another woman. It was ridiculous.  

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Title: Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English
  Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth / Review "Love Returns In Unexpected Ways" by Lilybirth is a captivating novel that weaves a tapestry of emotions and serendipity. The narrative unfolds with a unique blend of romance, unpredictability, and introspection, leaving readers spellbound from the first page to the last. The author, Lilybirth, skillfully crafts characters that are both relatable and enigmatic. The protagonist's journey of self-discovery and the intricacies of relationships are portrayed with depth and authenticity. The novel explores the theme of love's resilience, emphasizing that it can manifest in the most unexpected moments and ways. The plot takes unexpected twists and turns, keeping the reader engaged and eager to uncover the next chapter of the characters' lives. Lilybirth's writing style is evocative, painting vivid imagery that allows readers to immerse themselves in the story's rich tapestry. The dialogue is natural and poignant, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the characters' interactions. The novel also explores the concept of fate and the interconnectedness of lives, demonstrating how seemingly unrelated events can converge to shape profound and meaningful connections. Lilybirth masterfully navigates the complexities of human emotions, making the reader reflect on their own experiences with love and destiny. "Love Returns In Unexpected Ways" is a poignant and heartwarming tale that transcends conventional romance novels. Lilybirth's storytelling prowess shines through, creating a narrative that lingers in the reader's mind long after the final page. This novel is a testament to the enduring power of love and the beauty of its unexpected manifestations.  

Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth


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