Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth Chapter 137

Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth Chapter 137


Chapter 137 

Chapter 137 

Emilia thought, An important person?” 

Noticing the important information, Emilia looked up at him with a hint of curiosity. She was looking into his eyes, which were shining brightly. 

Needless to say, the important person must be a woman

With that, Emilia became even more curious. She wondered what kind of woman the entrancing Martin would fall in love with

Thus, she poked Martin’s arm and asked, Who is it? Tell me. If I know that person, I can introduce you.” 

Tell her?mused Martin

If he had told Emilia, he could imagine her being scared away

Martin smiled but did not say anything. Curling his lips, he changed the topic. I won’t tell you. By the way, you can design better software than this by yourself with your ability. Why did you choose to attend the summit?” 

Seeing he did not want to tell, Emilia naturally stopped pursuing the matter. I only want to manage Saunders Group well for now. As for software design, I have no spare time.” 

What a pity. I thought you wouldn’t be interested in doing business.Martin was a little. surprised

Emilia lowered her eyes and said nothing

She used to be uninterested in doing business because her father and brother were there. They protected her, took care of everything, and let her pursue what she wanted without worrying

However, they were gone. Emilia carried the responsibility of managing Saunders Group and investigating the truth of the car accident to avenge her father and brother

Thus, she could give up all her hobbies and dreams

People always have to make choices. Just like you, you also chose to give up working at the state security department and become a software development engineer for commercial software. No matter which way you chose, you made your own achievements. Many people admired you and your software. You have a successful career, Mr. Engineer!” 

Hearing that, Martin revealed a smile. He raised his eyebrows and asked, What about you? Are you here for my fame or my software?” 

He asked that casually

Me? Forthe software, of course.” Emilia smiled

Ah! I’m so sad! I see. I’m not as important as my software in your heart.” Martin stared at Emilia with an aggrieved look

Emilia was speechless

Someone who did not know the situation would reckon she was a heartbreaker playing with Martin’s feelings 

Chapter 137 

Martin was actually the one who remained single although surrounded by women

At that moment, a man in a formal suit came over and nodded slightly to Emilia. Then, he said to Martin, Boss, it’s time for you to go inside. The opening ceremony will start in 15 minutes.” 

Should we go?Martin looked at Emilia and asked if she wanted to go with him

Emilia shook her head. I’m going to the restroom. After all, you’re the organizer. You should be present right now. Go in first. You don’t have to wait for me.” 

After saying that, she walked to the restroom at the end of the corridor

When Martin looked at her back, his eyes darkened and tinged with a hint of complicated emotion

The scene made the assistant feel slightly odd. He could not help asking, Boss, is that Ms. Saunders from Saunders Group?” 

Martin hummed in response

The assistant wanted to say something. I heard she came here for the software you designed this time. ButMs. Saunders seems weak and is around her twenties. Does she know anything about software?” 

When Martin heard that, he came back to his senses and smiled

He reckoned Emilia knew more about the software.. 

She looked fragile and weak but was a Demon Lordwho defeated every hacker in the field. of software. Martin would not have thought of this at all if he did not know Emilia

Never judge a book by its cover. Don’t underestimate her. Sheis amazing!” 

Martin looked at the place where Emilia disappeared with pride

The assistant was shocked. He had never heard Martin praise someone and never thought anyone was better than Martin, especially in hacker technology

Do you mean Ms. Saunders knows hacker technology?” 

Martin smiled and felt nostalgic. She knows more than that. Do you remember the competition a few years ago? It was the first time I lost.” 

Hearing that, the assistant widened his eyes. He had an unbelievable guess in his heart. Wast she the top hacker who defeated you at Global Hackathon back then?” 

Martin gave no comments. He simply raised his eyebrows and left his stunned assistant alone as he entered the venue

The assistant stood there for a long time and did not return to his senses. He muttered, SShe’s the world’s top hacker. Why did she retire?” 


Chapter 138 

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Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth

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Love Returns in Unexpected Ways" by Lilybirth is a poignant novel exploring the intricate facets of love. Through unforeseen events, the narrative unfolds, revealing how love, resilient and transformative, can reemerge in surprising and meaningful ways, weaving a tapestry of emotions that captivates the heart.

Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth



[Nathan, let's get a divorce.] Emilia Saunders stared at the blinking cursor on her phone screen for a while. Taking a deep breath, she finally stopped hesitating and pressed the send button. Subsequently, she tossed her phone onto the coffee table, knelt down on the floor, and began packing her bags. Her hands moved incessantly, and her mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. She had been married to Nathan Miller for three years. During this time, she had consistently maintained a humble demeanor and her love for him had never wavered, even though he had always carried feelings for another woman. And that woman, Jessica Bennett, had returned. This was precisely why she had received that very photograph—Jessica, leaning closely against Nathan, her face beaming with a tender, radiant smile. That smile had punctured Emilia's heart like a dagger. The cruel irony was that the date displayed on the photograph was her 23rd birthday. Her own husband had spent her special day with another woman. It was ridiculous.  

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Title: Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth
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Read Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth


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