Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth Chapter 127

Love Returns In Unexpected Ways by Lilybirth Chapter 127

Chapter 127 

The others were shocked to hear it

They couldn’t help but wonder about the identity of the person who could defeat a contestant like Martin and secure the gold medal

The middleaged man was amazed and then brought the topic back to software. Which company do you think can purchase such a promising piece of software?” 

At that moment, Henry happened to pass by. He heard the conversation. between them and couldn’t help but interrupt, In my opinion, the winner will either be Miller Group or Saunders Group.” 

They all looked at Henry. The middleaged woman, a local entrepreneur in Acocester, had heard of the renowned Miller Group and Saunders Group, so she nodded in agreement

Indeed, I have never heard that Mr. Miller from Miller Group failed to acquire what he is interested in. He is known as a ruthless figure in the business world.” 

Henry smiled and said, Saunders Group is no longer to be underestimated. Ms. Saunders has given the company a thorough 

overhaul since she took over. She’s even preparing to expand and develop it boldly. She’s a woman of great determination!” 

A middleaged man nodded. I’ve heard Nathan’s name before. Is Ms. Saunders that awesome?” 

Before he could finish his words, a sharp female voice sounded

Awesome, my ass!” 

Everyone looked around and saw another middleaged woman walking proudly toward them in high heels

Madeline Jimenez was the editorinchief of a wellknown magazine in the country. She was invited to write an article for today’s summit, but her purpose on this trip was not limited to that

Who does Emilia think she is? She’s just a woman who seized an opportunity and inherited her family business. How could she even bet compared to Nathan of Miller Group

Madeline raised her voice and said disdainfully


Chapter 127 

When Henry heard this, he frowned and subconsciously defended 

Emilia. Ms. Jimenez, you’re being too hasty in your judgment. Although Ms. Miller is a woman, Saunders Group is a powerful company in its own right. You” 

Well, Saunders Group simply doesn’t deserve its reputation. Besides, Emilia has never been involved in softwarerelated industries. Why is she here to invest? What does she know? In my opinion, even if she invests in it, her money will go down the drain.” 

Madeline was a sharptongued media professional. Henry knew he was no match for her in an argument, so he kept quiet

Madeline crossed her arms and sneered

Emilia, is it? You’re going to learn a lesson today!she said

Outside the venue, a car stopped steadily at the gate. Felix opened the door and escorted Emilia out

The dark green velvet dress, paired with delicate and elegant makeup, gave Emilia a distant aura, yet her beauty was captivating, making it difficult to avert one’s gaze

Benjamin got out of the car and walked ahead to lead Emilia inside

There were strict security measures at the venue entrance, and personal belongings had to be checked

Emilia put her handbag on the screening machine, straightened her back, and walked elegantly through the screen to enter

As the summit was an international conference, its venue was naturally topnotch. The organizer had specifically chosen Acocester’s largest international convention center for the event

At the venue’s gate entrance, they were greeted by a magnificent hall. Dozens of huge chandeliers hung from the high ceilings, casting

briant light that illuminated the entire hall

When Emilia arrived, the venue was already bustling with people. She recognized some attendees as prominent entrepreneurs in the country, while others were unfamiliar faces to her

But that was inconsequential. One of the primary goals of such a prestigious business gathering was to network and establish connections


Claper 127 

The attendees in the conference hall were mingling with acquaintances. and strangers, engaging in conversations and enjoying drinks, which validated Emilia’s notion

It was a peaceful atmosphere

As Emilia was about to continue her way, she suddenly felt a large shadow at her side. When she turned around, she was surprised to see Nathan standing there, accompanied by Shawn

Nathan stared unhappily at Emilia’s exposed neck.. 

He had never felt that the eyes of other men on her were so conspicuous

Emilia turned and walked forward after meeting the man’s sharp gaze

She did not have to pay attention to a stranger now that they were strangers

Besides, this was a public place, and there were so many people around. Emilia was unsure how the media would twist any exaggerated statements that might slip out

Emilia did not expect the unfortunate timing of their entrance to cause an uproar without any need for the media to fuel the fire

Look, those are Nathan and Emilia, right?” 

Everyone looked at them in unison as soon as the person said this

Some of the people present were aware of their past relationship, so they immediately began discussing it

Oh, my Lord! I didn’t expect they would have the chance to end up in the same frame. Exhusband and exwife are competing for a piece of the pie. This summit is bound to be quite eventful!” 

Do you think Mr. Miller will be lenient with Ms. Saunders? After all, she is his exwife, and I’m sure he still has some feelings for her.” 

It’s hard to say. There are no marital ties in the business world, not even with an exwife!” 

Emilia heard the discussion but didn’t bother arguing with those people. She did not need Nathan to be lenient to her

She was also well prepared this time. It was hard to tell who would win in the end


On the contrary, Nathan’s face visibly darkened. The term exwifeseemed to hit a nerve, making him more and more irritated every time he heard it

He had wanted a divorce, so why did hearing that term bother him so much

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[Nathan, let's get a divorce.] Emilia Saunders stared at the blinking cursor on her phone screen for a while. Taking a deep breath, she finally stopped hesitating and pressed the send button. Subsequently, she tossed her phone onto the coffee table, knelt down on the floor, and began packing her bags. Her hands moved incessantly, and her mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. She had been married to Nathan Miller for three years. During this time, she had consistently maintained a humble demeanor and her love for him had never wavered, even though he had always carried feelings for another woman. And that woman, Jessica Bennett, had returned. This was precisely why she had received that very photograph—Jessica, leaning closely against Nathan, her face beaming with a tender, radiant smile. That smile had punctured Emilia's heart like a dagger. The cruel irony was that the date displayed on the photograph was her 23rd birthday. Her own husband had spent her special day with another woman. It was ridiculous.  

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