Leave Me Alone Mr Shaffer Chapter 11

Leave Me Alone Mr Shaffer Chapter 11

Chapter 11 

As soon as Isabella stepped into the house, she 

was greeted by a warm and inviting fragrance 

throughout the house. The feminine aura seemed 

to cling to every corner of the building

What’s up? Your sc*mbag boss finally got bored of 

you?Natasha poured Isabella a glass of water and 

casually sat beside her. With both slender legs 

crossed, she exuded a seductive allure

Accustomed to Natasha’s straightforwardness

Isabella lifted the cup and took a hearty sip.

decided to leave him.” 

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Chapter 11 Struggling in Exile 

In the middle of toweldrying her hair, Natasha 

paused her movements and let out a surprised 

gasp. You suddenly grew a backbone?” 

Isabella pulled her lips into a wry smile. I’ve gotten 

enough from him.” 

Natasha frowned, not particularly fond of the way 

Isabella phrased it. She had a feeling that 

something had happened

Isabella didn’t hide anything and briefly explained 

what had happened these two days

After drying her hair, Natasha tossed the towel 

aside and reached under the coffee table for

cigarette. She had even lit the lighter when she 



Chapter 11 Striggling in Exile 

suddenly remembered Isabella was there and 

immediately discarded it. What are you planning 

to do next?” 


Shrugging, Isabella feigned nonchalance and said

I’ll get through the next three months first. Once 

the contract is terminated, I’ll establish a small 

agency. It should be enough to support my mom

and me.” 

Natasha furrowed her brow as she thought it might 

still be difficult for Isabella to terminate the 

contract after three months. However, she didn’t 

voice her thoughts and glanced at Isabella

suggesting, Three months is still a long time, and 

idling away won’t do you any good. Although it’s 

just selling cars, this field encompasses all walks of 

Chapter 11 Struggling in Exile 

life. Who knows? You might unexpectedly make

valuable connection.” 


Upon hearing that, Isabella fell silent. Having been 

around Seth for so long, she seemed to have 

developed a misconception that the economic 

environment of establishing her own company was 

the same as at Shaffer Group

It was not. Shaffer Group had been with the Shaffer 

Family for four generations and had several 

generations of political accumulation before it

making it a real multinational integrated 

conglomerate. Even if she pressed hard to aim for 

that, she wouldn’t be able to achieve it in this 


Seeing her lost in thought, Natasha reminded her

Bigo Live 

Chicher 11 Stuping in Exte 


The people you re going to meet while selling cars 

might as well be your future connections when 

establishing your own business.” 

Isabella rubbed her temples, suddenly enlightened 

but also felt pitiful for herself. Though she 

selfproclaimed to have worked in a large 

enterprise for five years, she still had to start from 

the bottom up after leaving

Looking up at Natasha, Isabella said, Natasha

thank you. I’ll work hard starting tomorrow.” 

Being a righteous friend, Natasha gave Isabella the 

master bedroom, woke up early the following day 

to make breakfast, and even drove Isabella to work

Chapter 11 Struggling in Exile 

On their way there, she even started sharing her 

experience in sales. When working in sales, it’s the 

same everywhere. Don’t put yourself above others

flatter them however you can.” 


Isabella massaged her throbbing temples

suddenly feeling very pressured. I wasn’t even this 

nervous during my interview at Shaffer Group.” 

Natasha parked the car in front of Isabella’s 

company, leaning leisurely against the seat

Leaving that guy isn’t a bad thing. If you stayed 

with him until you turned thirty, then you’d truly be 

considered a goodfornothing.” 

Isabella felt something stirring inside her heart

Those words were both painful and liberating

stimulating her brain cells into action. After closing 

Chapter 11 Struggling in Exile 

the door and bidding farewell to Natasha, she 

confidently strode into the company. She couldn’t 

afford to lose her first battle for the day

Upon entering, Jonas, who had his arm around 

Abigail’s shoulder, released her and walked toward 

Isabella with a smile. Isabella, you’re back to work 

so soon?” 

Tugging her lips into a faint smile, Isabella 

explained, It’s not a big deal, and I can’t delay my 

work, right? You’re here early, too, so it wouldn’t be 

appropriate for me to slack off because I’m sick.” 

She had put on airs just yesterday, but now her 

words were more tactful and pleasing. Jonas 

needed a moment to adapt to her change and 

soon felt delighted, thinkina Isabella was trvina to 


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Chapter 11 Struggling in Exile 

curry Tavor with nim

Those who had been executive secretaries are 

quite different, it seems.Jonas laughed heartily 

and wrapped his arm around Isabella’s shoulder

Though we salesmen can’t compare to them, it’s 

still a promising career if you work hard.” 

Isabella walked toward her desk and smoothly 

dodged Jonashand while asking, Mr. Wallace, is 

yesterday’s sale closed?” 


It is.With a wave of his hand, he nodded at Abigail

It was all thanks to Abby. She worked tirelessly 

yesterday afternoon.” 

The others around them were savvy gossip 

mongers, and any topic involving performance 

Chapter 11 Struggling in Exile 

would gain their keen interest. They were eagerly 

waiting to see Isabella’s reaction

Holding a folder, Abigail gave a sweet smile and 

said, It was nothing. I was just helping out

colleague. A little effort goes a long way.” 

Isabella smiled, retrieving a cup from her bag to 

pour some tea. “That’s sweet of you, but I can’t let 

you help for nothing.After taking a sip, she added

How about we split this deal between us?” 


Abigail’s expression fell, and she fell silent

Isabella, you’re too modest. We’re all colleagues

There’s no need to be so particular about individual 

deals.Jonas chuckled, trying to ease the situation 

while giving Abigail a nudge with his shoulder

Chapter 11 Struggling in Exile 

urging her to step aside. He casually chatted with 


Isabella. You’re the senior here, so you should look 

out for Abby more.” 

After that, Isabella was clear that the commission 

would probably all wind up inside Abigail’s hands

She said those things earlier to tell everyone she 

was no fool and they shouldn’t think about taking 

advantage of her

Sure.She nodded and gave Abigail a meaningful 

glance. Let’s look after each other in the future.” 

Still hugging her documents, Abigail stuck out her 

tongue, pretending to look innocent, and then 

skipped toward the reception desk

If Isabella hadn’t met all sorts of people in the 

Bigo Live 


workplace, she might have thought that Abigail 

was just an innocent and naive rookie who had ju 

started her career. She sighed in relief and checke 

the time on her phone but inadvertently noticed a headline in the entertainment news

Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer ( Isabella Symons )

Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer ( Isabella Symons )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/20/2023 Native Language: English
"Leave Me Alone, Mr. Shaffer" by Isabella Symons is a compelling novel that explores the complexities of solitude and the pursuit of personal space. Symons skillfully weaves a narrative that delves into the human need for autonomy, offering a poignant reflection on the boundaries of individuality.

Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer ( Isabella Symons )


For five grueling years, Isabella Symons played the role of the "personal secretary" for the austere Seth Shaffer. She gave him her all. But when he claimed he was "tired" of her, he discarded her to a remote outpost. At first, exile seemed bleak. But as if fate had taken a turn, Isabella thrived in this new environment. With sheer determination, she ascended to the pinnacle of her life. Young admirers chased after her, influential figures gifted her with opportunities, and a previously unknown dying billionaire father appeared, offering her a hefty inheritance with just a nod. Life has its ups and downs, but for Isabella, it seemed to only go up, up, and up.  

Detail Novel

Title: Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer ( Isabella Symons )
Publisher: Rebootes.com
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer ( Isabella Symons )

"Leave Me Alone, Mr. Shaffer" by Isabella Symons is a compelling novel that delves into the intricate complexities of human relationships, self-discovery, and the pursuit of personal space. The narrative unfolds with the protagonist, Mr. Shaffer, who grapples with the desire for solitude in a world that often demands constant connectivity. Isabella Symons masterfully crafts a character-driven story, allowing readers to empathize with Mr. Shaffer's journey as he navigates the challenges of interpersonal connections. The title itself, "Leave Me Alone, Mr. Shaffer," serves as a poignant expression of the protagonist's yearning for isolation, encapsulating the central theme of the novel. Symons' storytelling prowess is evident in her vivid descriptions and nuanced character development. The novel explores the tension between the need for solitude and the inherent human need for connection, creating a thought-provoking exploration of the delicate balance between personal boundaries and societal expectations. As the plot unfolds, readers are taken on a reflective journey, witnessing Mr. Shaffer's evolution and self-discovery. The narrative weaves together moments of introspection, emotional turbulence, and the exploration of the human psyche, making "Leave Me Alone, Mr. Shaffer" a captivating and introspective read. Ultimately, Isabella Symons' novel invites readers to contemplate the intricate dance between solitude and connection, leaving them with a profound appreciation for the complexities of the human experience. "Leave Me Alone, Mr. Shaffer" stands as a testament to the power of literature to explore the depths of the human soul and illuminate the universal quest for understanding and autonomy.  

Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer ( Isabella Symons )


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