Just This Once



“Lisa, greet him and show your appreciation” mum whispered to me, clearly irked by my attitude.


I turned to face him squarely with a smile on my face and stretched my hand out for a handshake which he took, hue big hands covering mine made me feel small and yet… Desired.


‘Lisa! It’s a handshake!’ I scolded myself mentally.


“Nice meeting you…”


“You can just call me Lucius” he cut me off and swears, the fact that mum was standing in the living room with us didn’t change the effect this man’s voice had on me.


My gaze dropped to his crotch for a second, wanting to see his cock again but I looked away as soon as possible, raising my head up to look at his blue, mesmerising eyes.


“Nice meeting you then, Lucius. Thank you for your help” I thanked him and pulled my hand out of his immediately.


I was crazy and I needed to be away from this man like right now! Without spending another second, I grabbed my handbag, pulled my hand away from his and sprinted out of the living room.


“Lisa!!” I heard mum call my name but I paid no heed to her and just sprinted to my room.


I shut the door behind me, breathing heavily. Not just because of running but because of what had just happened. My first taste of cock was my father’s friend who had been helping us all these while.


But why had he called me over to do that? Seeing the surprised look on his face, he had definitely mistaken me for someone else. Perhaps he had thought I was a slut he had paid for to come over? That could only be the case based on the words he had said to me.


But why was he here? And why was my body reacting to him so much?


These questions were however not the most urgent thing at the moment, my wet pussy was.


I reached for my door and locked it, to ensure that I kept mum out of my room.


My hand reached for my wet clothes and I pulled them off my body hastily along with my panties. I dumped them on the clean, tiled floor and pulled my phone out of my bag. I had to masturbate to climax. I desperately had to finish.


I got on my bed and played a video I had on my phone. It was a video of an older man fucking this younger girl. It was my favourite video to masturbate too whenever I wanted to do so which isn’t so frequently though.


I moved my hands to my tits and squeezed at it gently watching the video. I squeezed at it harder and then reached for my nipple, rolling my thumb over it.


My left hand remained on my left tit, fondling and squeezing while my right hand slid down my body to my pussy. I touched my pussy lips and shivered at the slickness of it.


I closed my eyes, letting the moans of the young girl being fucked accompany me. My right hand moved up and down my wet pussy lips and then rested on my hard, aroused clit.


It felt so good and I gulped down hard. Gulping down made me realize that I still had the taste of my father’s best friend cock in my mouth.


“Oh god” I moaned, my left hand tweaking my nipple and my right hand rubbing my clit harder.


With my eyes shut, I could see myself in place of the girl being fucked in the video and just like I had replaced the image of the girl being fucked, I had also replaced the image of the man doing the fucking and in my head, it was him, my father’s friend.


“Fuck… Yes, fuck me harder” I moaned nastily in complete opposite of the way I masturbated in the past. I was usually quiet and only breathed heavily but this time, I was much more vocal.


“Yes, harder. I want your cock” I moaned, reaching my hand back to my wet pussy. I was dripping wet and my legs were now twitching.


I was going to cum soon.


“Oh heavens! Fuck me daddy!” I cried out and that was my undoing as I came hard, my body bucking and shaking terribly.


I had just had the best orgasm my ‘insensitive’ body had ever known and that was because of my father’s friend.


I was so fucked up!




I ran my hands through my dark hair, my jaw clenched as I thought over what I had done earlier. I was now in my own home and though only a few rooms had been cleaned up, I had to make do with it for now.


Lisa’s mum, Stella had meant for me to stay over at their own home. She had also told me that she would not be coming home that night and I would have the house to myself until tomorrow when I would have my mansion appropriately cleaned up.


To release my jet lag and to warm up on such a cold night as this one, I had called my friend to send a slut over to me but how could I have been that silly?


How would the slut I asked to come over be able to open the door herself?


But it definitely wasn’t entirely my fault, Lisa could have simply told me who she was and nothing would have happened between us but she just went down on her knees and sucked my cock.


“Gamóto” I cursed roughly underneath my breath, recalling how she had swirled her tongue over my cock.


She clearly had no experience and that most probably was her first time sucking a cock but her mouth felt so fucking good. I could not deny that was the tightest mouth I had ever had my cock into, in my 40 years of living.


Could her pussy be equally as tight? Would her pussy squeeze me so hard if I were to push my cock in?


“Nah, Lucius” I groaned and got up on my feet. I was thinking too far already.


What happened tonight was a grave mistake that I had to ensure would never reoccur in the future. Lisa should be like a daughter to me and nothing more.


I looked down at my crotch, realising I was spotting a hard on. I wrapped my hand around my cock, fisting it.


To hell with that slut who didn’t show up. My cock was rock hard and I needed to jerk off badly and release my cum.


I reached for the drawer beside my bed and pulled it open, bringing out a bottle of lube before sitting back on the bed.


I applied the lube generously on my cock and began wanking my cock, starting up slowly and increasing my pace as my needs increased.


I could not help but think back to her tight mouth and her thin, soft voice calling me ‘daddy’.


It was terribly wrong to think about Lisa, a young lady who should be like a daughter to me while jerking off but I could not help it.


Just this once. I would jerk off, thinking about her just this once and I will never do it again.


It was a promise I made to myself.

Yes Daddy by Red Inkling

Yes Daddy by Red Inkling

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Artist: Released: 2024 Native Language: English

Yes Daddy by Red Inkling Read Online

"Good... I want to see you play with yourself and unless you have my permission, you can't f*cking c*m" "Yes, Daddy" * MONALISA I thought I had a problem being aroused. My ex boyfriend broke up with me for being insensitive to his touches and I thought I really had a problem with myself until I met him, Lucius Devine, my late father's best friend. He could make me wet just by staring at me and his slightest touches could make the 'insensitive' me shudder and c*m. Yet, he wanted boundaries, he wanted to be a father figure to me but I didn't want him as a father. I wanted him. I wanted him to be my daddy. I wanted to be his little submissive sl*t and I was going to break his boundaries until I become Daddy's Little Sub.


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