Don’t Call Me Daddy



“Do you understand?” Mum asked and I nodded in affirmation.


“Yes, mum”


“He is our…”


“Mum, I am going to be late for lectures. You have told me over and over again. I will be nice and respectful towards him.”


“Great. You’re coming home tonight?” Mum asked me.


“I don’t really know yet…”


“Don’t waste your free time roaming about with your friends. Just come back home and stay with me, okay?” She asked.


“Alright. I will just come back home” I replied and leaned in, kissing her on both cheeks before pulling away and bading her bye.


I skipped out of the house with my bag in hand. It was a new day and I was trying my very best not to think about what had happened last night.


Mum had told me he just returned to the country yesterday and was moving into the mansion opposite ours.


I looked at the beautiful and huge mansion that was opposite our home and nodded firmly. To own that mansion and this entire estate, that man had to be a multi billionaire.


I kicked the thoughts of him out of my head once more and headed to school.




“Leon really broke up with you?” Francesca, my best friend asked in a whisper.


“Yeah, let’s talk about it when class is over” I whispered back to her.


“That little bastard. How could he?” Francesca huffed and turned her attention back to the lecturer.


The lecture was almost done and I could see that Francesca could barely wait for that to happen. In a couple of minutes, the lecture was concluded and the lecturer left class.


“Tell me about it, Lisa” Francesca immediately turned to face me and I sighed softly.


“He said I am too…” I looked around.


“Maybe we should visit the coffee shop and talk about this there” I said, getting up on my feet.


Francesca did the same and we both headed to the coffee shop, with Francesca ranting about how she was going to rip Leon’s body apart for breaking up with me.


We finally settled in the coffee shop, ordered two cups of coffee and got ready to talk.


“So, Leon said I am too insensitive to a man’s touches and that I should just turn into a virgin nun already” I shrugged and drank a bit from my coffee.


“What the?! That little bastard thinks he is anything? He should be lucky that you agreed to dating him in the first place. He is way, way, way below your league” Francesca replied.


“You know what? I have an idea” Francesca said as I dropped my cup of coffee on the table.


“What idea is that?”


“You have to date someone else. Someone hotter than Leon. I bet it’s his fault if you are not turned on while with him. Just find another guy who turns you on and…”


I could no longer hear what Francesca was saying as her earlier words repeated in my head.


‘another guy who turns me on’


I could only think of one person. The one person I should not even be thinking of.


“Lisa? Are you even listening to me?” She knocked on the table and I jolted back.


“Yeah? Yes, I am. I am listening”


“Doesn’t seem like so. Are you that heartbroken about the breakup?” Her face turned soft and emotional.


“Not really” I mumbled.


“Of course, you wouldn’t be that hurt. You guys only dated for like three or four months in fact, right? But you spaced out, what were you thinking of?” Francesca asked.


“Nothing. Nothing at all” I replied, not wanting to think back at last night.


“I can introduce you to a new guy. He is smoking hot! One of the hottest guys in college at the moment!” She said to me.




“Yes. I am sure you are going to get wet at just the sight of him” Francesca giggled.


“I hope so” I mumbled.


“I will introduce you to him tomorrow. Get ready to lose that v card in the sweetest way possible, Lisa”




“Mum, do I really have to go give him these cupcakes?” I asked mum with a grumble, clutching onto the plate of cupcakes in my hands. I was back home and after mum’s long lecture, I was about to give cupcakes to Lucius Devine.


“Yes, Lisa. We need to be as nice as possible to him for letting us stay here for this long and financing us big time. He is like a father to you, okay?” Mum asked me and I just pressed my lips into a thin line.


No one sucks their father’s cock, right? But I had sucked the cock of this father like figure.


“Fine, it’s just giving him these nicely and respectfully. I will do just that” I replied her and walked away.


It was obvious that mum was very much grateful to Mr. Devine and yeah I was grateful too but I could not help but feel nervous and awkward, going to give cupcakes to him.


Immediately I got to the gates of his home, I was stopped by a few men in black suit. They had never been around before and they were not the guards of the estate whom I knew pretty well.


“I just live right there.” I said to one of them, pointing back at our place.


“Your name, Miss?” He requested.


“Lisa” I replied simply and he moved away from me to make a phone call.


A few seconds later, he was back.


“Please go on in” he said to me.


“Thank you.” I mumbled and walked in, wondering why this man needed so many men to guard his place despite the amount of security the estate itself had already.


I shrugged it off and stopped in front of the door. I drew in a deep breath and let it out before reaching for the door handle. The door clicked on its own and I pushed it open. He must have opened the door.


I walked into the mansion that was simply breathtaking. He had just arrived in the country, right? So how could he furnish this place so well already.


‘He is a billionaire, Lisa!’ I reminded myself and stopped in his living room.


“You’re here” I heard his deep, sexy voice.


Pardon me for using the word sexy but I just could not help it. It was the truth!


I looked towards the direction of the voice and saw him walking down the stairs and as if with an intention of seducing me, he was without a shirt.


All he had on was a grey sweatpants and I tried not to look at those intricately shaped abs but I failed at trying as I stared at it so obviously and then my gaze dropped and I tried again. Believe me I tried not to look down at his crotch but I did anyways and I could see the outline of his cock. That big, thick cock that filled my mouth up and made me feel so full. That cock was coming towards me right now and as if it was the most natural thing to happen, my pussy got wet.


“You are staring inappropriately, Lisa” he said and I quickly looked away, feeling my cheeks heating up.


I pressed my thighs together quickly and looked the other way.


I continued looking the other way until I felt him close to me, close enough for my nostrils to draw in the scent of his cologne.


I swallowed hard and turned to face him.


“Hello Mr. Devine” I flashed him an awkward as hell smile.


“My mum asked me to give these cupcakes to you. She just made them and…” I pressed my lips into a thin line, not knowing what more to say. Standing by this man had taken the words away from me.


“Last night was a mistake. I took you for someone else and as much as I do not know why you played along, I still want us to forget it. Like it never happened.” he said to me and I moved two steps away from him, to be able to speak better, away from all of that… Sexiness.


“I didn’t mean to play along and I am usually not like that…” I didn’t know why I felt a need to clarify.


“Last night just happened. I wasn’t in the right state of mind and I am glad things didn’t go any further than it did” I glanced back at his crotch, unable to help it.


“Lisa, my eyes are up here” he said and I quickly looked back up at his face.


“I want to make things clear between us. You will be like a daughter to me and I will be like a father to you.” He said and immediately he said those words, I could only think of one other word…




I don’t know if that thought was innocent or downright dirty but my blabbering mouth let out some silly words.


“If you are like a father to me, then I can call you daddy?” I asked and heard him groan deeply.


The next second, he had yanked me closer to himself, making the plate of cupcakes in my hands drop and before I could even do anything… Which I wasn’t actually trying to do anything tho.


He had bent down to my height and took my lips in his and fuck! His lips fitted mine perfectly.


Last night was my first time sucking and licking a cock but this wasn’t my first time kissing but it was my best time kissing! I had heard tales of girls getting weak in the knees while kissing but not once had I felt that but with this man who was way older than me, I felt my knees giving way.


His lips brushed mine hard and with a tinge of possessiveness, his arm around my waist pulling me even closer into his body and that was when I realised! This man had gotten hard! His big cock was pressing into my stomach right now while his tongue found its way into my mouth.


Throwing caution into the air, I moved my arms to his broad, strong shoulders and kissed him back but hell did he dominate the kiss, his tongue lashing out against mine. His kiss seemed to be devouring me and his hand on my waist was roaming my ass now as he sucked on my lips and then moved for my tongue, sucking off the taste of the apple juice I had had before coming over here.


Letting out a soft moan into the kiss, I grinded against his hard on and heard him let out a low, deep growl that did nothing but made my pussy wetter but the next second, he pulled away from the kiss and held my chin up with his right hand while his left hand remained on my ass.


“Don’t fucking call me daddy next time” his hand squeezed my ass cheeks and ignoring the serious look on his face, I moaned again.


“Gamo, get out” he pulled away from me completely and turned away.


But I wanted more from this man. This man who made me so dripping wet without having to try.


I wanted him to be the first man to fuck me.

Yes Daddy by Red Inkling

Yes Daddy by Red Inkling

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Artist: Released: 2024 Native Language: English

Yes Daddy by Red Inkling Read Online

"Good... I want to see you play with yourself and unless you have my permission, you can't f*cking c*m" "Yes, Daddy" * MONALISA I thought I had a problem being aroused. My ex boyfriend broke up with me for being insensitive to his touches and I thought I really had a problem with myself until I met him, Lucius Devine, my late father's best friend. He could make me wet just by staring at me and his slightest touches could make the 'insensitive' me shudder and c*m. Yet, he wanted boundaries, he wanted to be a father figure to me but I didn't want him as a father. I wanted him. I wanted him to be my daddy. I wanted to be his little submissive sl*t and I was going to break his boundaries until I become Daddy's Little Sub.


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