Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 7

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 7


Sophia bit her lower lip so hard that it was about to bleed

Meanwhile, Mia was confused

She thought, What are they talking about? A great match

And who is his grandson?” 

At this moment, there was a sudden noise at the door

Everyone looked over when they heard it. Arnold smiled and said, He finally arrived.” 

A tall man wearing a black suit walked over from behind the group of people. His tailored suit made him appear chilly and stern. His welldefined and attractive face was like a piece of artwork. His handsome features would grab anyone’s attention

Many young women started murmuring and expressing surprise

Oh my god, it’s Mr. Hall!” 

He’s so handsome!” 

Yeah, he’s even more handsome than many actors and idols.” 

Sophia jerked her head back

As she saw the man walk over, her heart ached even more

She had been harboring a secret love for him for many years

The background images on her laptop and phone were all plastered with his photos. She believed that she would marry him eventually. However, her desires would be crushed. today

As Brandon Hall passed by her and went towards Mia, she felt let down and furious, which was evident from her eyes

Mia got a bad feeling when she saw this goodlooking man approaching her

While she was in a daze, he stood before he 

He said coldly, Please move.” 

wering at 6’2, with a handsome face

Arnold was upset to hear that and said, This is your fiancée, Brandon. Be nice.” 

Upon hearing the word fiancée“, Brandon raised his eyebrows slightly, looking a bit surprised

But as he turned, his deep eyes lost their emotion, and a distant politeness took over. Hello, I’m Brandon Hall

Mia frowned at this emotionless greeting

Although she didn’t like men, she was worried about the introduction she just heard

Grandpa, who is his fiancée? I’m notshe looked at Andrew

Andrew laughed. You just got back and don’t know about this yet. Our families have been friends for generations. You were engaged at birth.” 




Engaged?!she exclaimed with shock

When did this happen? Why didn’t she know

She subconsciously looked at her parents, only to see their happy yet embarrassed faces

She suddenly recalled that her parents had mentioned that her grandfather would reveal something to the public tonight

This was what he was going to reveal?! 

As expected, Andrew lifted his wine glass and announced out loud in the middle of the room, Welcome to the celebration of the Wilson and Hall families. We’ve been friends for many generations, and we arranged a marriage for our children at birth. With my granddaughter’s return, it’s time to make it happen.” 

After hearing all of that, Mia was completely dumbfounded and wondered what was going 

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She had only returned two days ago, but now she had five brothers and a fiancé


Although she was treated unfairly in the Smith family, she lived a happy and unrestricted life in secret

She didn’t need a man to hold her back

Her parents walked up to her, standing on either side of her. Lily interrupted her and said, Mia, I know it’s too sudden. I’ll fill you in on all the details when we get home. Listen to your grandpa now, okay?” 

IMia still wanted to speak, but Simba hushed her with a whisper. Not now” 

So for the sake of her parents and the reputation of the two families, she could only remain silent

She told herself, Forget it. I can end this engagement easily. It’s not worth making a scene. here and upsetting my parents and grandfather. I’ll figure out a solution later 

Considering this, she didn’t challenge And. words while other people were present. She glanced at Brandon and was surprised to see that he appeared indifferent, in contrast to her agitation

As if sensing her gaze, Brandon looked back at her. He looked her up and down before turning his head away with contempt

She thought in surprise, Holy shit! What does he mean by that

He’s unhappy that we are engaged?! 

I don’t want to be engaged to him either!” 

She was furious, but she could not stop everyone from raising their glasses to celebrate. Arnold was happy that Mia became his granddaughterinlaw

Sophia was the only one who didn’t raise her glass. She stood in a corner alone and glared at Mia with resentment. She clenched her fists until her nails broke the skin of her palm and blood trickled out




Mia, your reputation will be ruined tonight! Want to steal my fiancé? No way!she said to herself

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Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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Status: Ongoing Released: 12/18/2023 Native Language: English
Deceptive Charades of Love" by Jennifer Oven is a captivating novel that explores the intricate layers of romantic relationships. Through nuanced characters and unexpected twists, Oven delves into the complexities of love, revealing the hidden truths and illusions that shape the emotional landscape of her narrative.

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel



Night fell. The Smith family's house was brightly lit. A party was being held to celebrate Jess Smith's 18th birthday, the beloved child of the President of the Smith Group. She wore a pricey dress, looking happy and proud. Tonight, everyone's attention was on her. She felt happy and complacent. There was a sudden commotion in the crowd. "Is that the other daughter of Mr. Smith?" "She's just as beautiful as they say." Jess turned around when she heard the crowd's discussion and saw that Mia was coming downstairs. Although Mia wore a simple white dress instead of something grand, she was still a head-turner. She had captivating eyes and pretty red lips. Her perfect face and stunning figure overshadowed Jess. Seeing this, Jess was extremely jealous.  

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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Title: Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel
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