Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 5

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 5


The evening was getting darker

Lily chatted for a while with Mia and then reluctantly left

Once she was alone, Mia looked around the strange room and took a deep breath

She was finally back with her family, but she didn’t expect her family to hold more power than the Smith family, which would make it hard for her to stay unnoticed in the future

Suddenly, the curtain moved

She looked over and said, Come out.” 

A man in a black leather jacket came out from behind the door and tutted. You always discover me, regardless of how quickly I move.” 

Mia glanced down at his feet and then rolled her eyes. You like wearing leather shoes,she said. They are extremely noisy.” 

Jango Thompson’s eyes darkened as he said, Your hearing is so good. No one else in our group is able to hear that except for you.” 

Mia didn’t want to waste time arguing with him. Why are you here?she asked coldly. To give me a mission?” 

Jango smiled and said, I’m here to find out the true identity of Carlos Thompson, the top international mercenary. I guess I need to reintroduce myself to you, Miss Wilson.” 

Mia was upset by his unserious appearance and kicked him in the shin. Get lost!” 

Did this guy come here to tease her

Ow, that hurts!cried Jango. Mia had always been skilled in martial arts. She was fast, accurate, and ruthless, with incredible strength. Even holding back, her kick was powerful. enough to make his leg swollen. Carlos, please be gentle. I’m your partner!” 

Mia snorted. You should be glad that you’re my partner, otherwise I would have killed you multiple times.” 

She had been working with this reckless man three years, and she had saved him six times. It was not a big deal for her to kick him a few times

What a cruel woman!Jango rubbed his shin to ease the pain

You already know who I am. Just leave. And don’t come back again. The Wilsons had better security than the Smiths. She didn’t want her identity to be known by her family

Jango asked sadly, You just returned, but you already want to keep your distance from me?” 

That was what scared him and why he came here

She took a deep breath and said, Yes. The security guards here are not easy to deal with. If you are discovered, my identity will be exposed.” 

He said with a pout, So what if that happens? It’s not a bad thing for the Wilson family, is 


She frowned and flicked his forehead. Of course it’s a bad thing. It could put my family in 



Chapter 3 danger.” 

Seeing her serious eyes, Jango was silent

They had risked their lives for many years to complete assigned missions, and Mia had numerous enemies. If her enemies targeted the Wilson family, they too would be at risk even though they were very powerful

You’re right. I’ll come around less frequently, but if there’s a task to be done” 

Email me.” 

Oh, okay.He could only agree

Leave now!said Mia

Jango’s feelings were hurt. He said, We won’t see each other much. Can I have a cup of 

coffee here?” 

I don’t want to see you,” she said. He relentlessly followed her everywhere, sticking to her like glue. She rarely attended school because she didn’t want to encounter him

You heartless woman. Although I’m not here to deliver a task, I have something important to tell you.After saying that, Jango pulled out his mobile phone and showed her the news

The news reported that the Smith Group’s share prices plummeted, causing their projects to halt and their financial stability to crumble

The Smith Group was already a lost cause. Despite my advice, you bought their shares, and now they face bankruptcy and delisting, and your past investment will be worthless,he said

The Smith Group had many problems. Without Mia investing as Cathie Wright, the enigmatic queen of investments in the global financial market, for Ronnie’s benefit, the company would have gone bankrupt a long time ago

You are highly respected as a famous and enigmatic investor in the global financial market. and known for always making precise decisions. If the Smith Group were to become bankrupt, your reputation may be at risk.” 

Don’t talk about this,said Mia, resisting th ge to punch him again. No need to worry. I’ll protect my own reputation.” 

Jango shrugged indifferently. Do whatever you want. I’m leaving.” 

After speaking, he walked to the balcony and stopped at the railing. Make sure you take good care of yourself. Don’t miss me.” 

Mia was disgusted and could not help but kick him down. Go away! You’re annoying me!” 


Jango jumped down, and the leap from the second floor was not high enough to do him any harm. Seeing that the security camera was about to spot him, he gestured to show that she was too harsh and quickly left

Mia shook her head and turned back to her room

She didn’t notice that someone in a nearby bedroom had witnessed everything




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Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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Deceptive Charades of Love" by Jennifer Oven is a captivating novel that explores the intricate layers of romantic relationships. Through nuanced characters and unexpected twists, Oven delves into the complexities of love, revealing the hidden truths and illusions that shape the emotional landscape of her narrative.

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel



Night fell. The Smith family's house was brightly lit. A party was being held to celebrate Jess Smith's 18th birthday, the beloved child of the President of the Smith Group. She wore a pricey dress, looking happy and proud. Tonight, everyone's attention was on her. She felt happy and complacent. There was a sudden commotion in the crowd. "Is that the other daughter of Mr. Smith?" "She's just as beautiful as they say." Jess turned around when she heard the crowd's discussion and saw that Mia was coming downstairs. Although Mia wore a simple white dress instead of something grand, she was still a head-turner. She had captivating eyes and pretty red lips. Her perfect face and stunning figure overshadowed Jess. Seeing this, Jess was extremely jealous.  

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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Title: Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
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