Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 37

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 37

Chapter 37 

Ms. Clark surveyed the whole Aboveaverage Classnd scolded them, Look at how you’re all slouching! None of you have good posture

Let’s rearrange the seating today. Your uneven and disorderly seats make me sick.” 

Stella turned to smile at Reed, excited to finally have the opportunity to sit next to him

Please sit down in order as I call out your name. Stella, Mike, Emily, Ryan, Reed, MiaMs. Clark completed the roll call and nodded in satisfaction

Stella looked at Ms. Clark in surprise, wondering why Reed wasn’t next to her. Then she looked at him, who was chatting with Ryan, with Mia sitting right beside him

Then she asked, Ms. Clark, Mia is such a good student. Why is she in the back row? Can she sit in my place instead?” 

With your short height, what can you see from the back? Mia is tall and a diligent student. Sitting in the back row might even encourage some people to study. Let’s not be humble about it.Ms. Clark firmly rejected Stella’s request

Stella had no choice but to take her seat unhappily. It was Mia again. She could sit next to Reed just because she was tall and studious? Stella refused to accept it and had to find a way to outshine her

Reed looked at Mia disdainfully, saying, What a small class! You’re sitting next to me.” 

Mia replied with a cold tone, If you don’t want to sit here, you can leave. I don’t want to see you either.” 

Reed shot her an angry look and retorted, You should be the one to leave. I’m the leader of this back 


Mia gave Reed and the others next to him a cold glance and said, Leader? More like a loser.” 

Reed raised his voice to retort, How dare you mock me?” 

Ms. Clark quickly noticed the commotion at the back and addressed Reed, What are you doing? Be quiet and get ready for class.” 

I won’t argue with you now since Ms. Clark is here. We’ll have plenty of time for that in the future.Reed shot an evil look at Mia before finally sitting properly

Mia didn’t even look at him and continued reading her book

Before long, the bell rang, and Professor Cooper strolled in. He took a moment to observe the students before diving in

Stella, pass out the papers. Pop quiz time,” he announced. The students groaned, but they started. passing the papers around anyway

When it was Mia’s turn, the student in front of her, who hated quizzes, randomly threw the paper at her, which dropped right at Reed’s feet

Reed noticed her approaching to pick it up, so he decided to put his foot on top of it, leaving a footprint on the paper

What the hell?Mia snapped, looking gloomy right away

Oops, foot cramp, Reed replied, looking at his masterpiece smugly

Oh, a foot cramp? Your grandpa asked me to look out for you, so let me give you a hand, Mia shot back, her eyes icy. Without missing a beat, she stomped on his foot

The intense pain made his face turn red. But he didn’t want to draw the teacher’s attention, so he 


Chapter 37 

only growled, Oww! Mia! How dare you step on my foot!” 

Then Mia lifted her foot again and asked with a smirk. You dare to move now, right? It looks like you’re cured” 

Reed didn’t give up easily and tried to grab Mia, but she twisted his fingers, causing him to wince. Let go!he hissed, struggling to free himself

He couldn’t help but think Mia was a monster. Her grip was ironclad. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t break free

“I’ll let go if you fix my paper,” Mia said, pointing to the crumpled paper on the floor

No way! Clean it up yourself, he shot back

Seeing his reluctance, she tightened her grip, causing him to clench his fist. No way?The pain was too much, so he immediately begged, Okay, okay! I’ll do it!” 

Then do it,Mia ordered

How can I clean it up if you’re still holding me?Reed whined, his face twisted in pain. You’ve got another hand, don’t you?She knew that if she let go, he’d back out of it

He looked at her, defeated. He had no choice but to do as she said.. 

Stella heard a faint noise and couldn’t help but look back. She was surprised to see Reed and Mia’s hands locked together, causing jealousy to bubble up inside her

She thought to herself, Mia is such a vixen! Reed can’t stand her, yet she keeps hanging on to him.” After Reed finished helping Mia clean the paper, he quickly asked her, It’s all good now. Can you let go?” 

Mia took the clean paper from him, looked at him, and then let go

Ryan watched Reed eat crow and was amazed. Mia was really something, even making Reed back down

After this, Reed became much more tame during class

After class, Emily went up to Mia and asked, Was Reed giving you trouble?” 

Mia coldly glanced at Reed and said, Him? He doesn’t have what it takes

He was just a small fry, and she didn’t even care

Emily felt relieved and immediately said, That’s good. Class is over. Want to go grab something to eat with me? I’m starving.” 

You didn’t eat yet?Mia asked

I did, but now I’m hungry again.” Emily replied, smiling at her.. 

Alright, let’s go. I am a little thirsty,Mia said helplessly, giving Emily a look before they walked outside together

Seeing Mia leave, Ryan quickly went up to Reed and whispered, Hey, did Mia bully you just now? Do you want us to help you get back at her?” 

Let’s go. We’ll stop her outside, Reed said. Just thinking of Mia squeezing his hand and forcing him to clean the paper made him feel humiliated. He hurriedly led Ryan and the others to follow her outside

Stella saw him going out and quickly followed him, asking. Reed, was Mia bothering you during class?” 



Chapter 37 

He glanced at Stella but didn’t answer. He couldn’t tell her that Mia had been grabbing his hand and threatening him to clean her paper

Mia and Emily walked out of the supermarket with their items when Reed and the others blocked. their way

What a coincidence! Are you here to buy some things too?Reed said. He gave Mia a scornful look. taking advantage of having more people with him

Seeing him still trying to ruffle her feathers, Mia had a hint of mockery in her eyes

She wasn’t interested in teaching someone who couldn’t learn. Instead, she simply walked past him without hesitation. After a few steps, when she noticed Reed’s lackeys not making way, she stopped and looked at Reed, saying, Is your hand better now? Feeling itchy again?” 

When he heard her words, his hand twitched involuntarily, but he kept a cool face. Nope, I just thought we couldn’t find much at school, so I wanted to take you guys out to buy some more things.” 

No thanks. All this is enough,” Mia replied, ready to leave

But Ryan yelled at her, Hold on! Reed didn’t say you could leave.” 

Mia glanced coldly at Ryan and then quickly grabbed his shoulder

The moment her hand touched his shoulder, he felt a sharp pain, as if his shoulder bone was about to be crushed

Ow! It hurts!Ryan’s face was twisted in pain

Reed was shocked by this. He had felt Mia’s strength in class, but it seemed like Ryan was suffering 10 times more


gave Ryan a cold, angry look and said in a frosty tone, You should be glad you’re a student. This is just a warning. But if there’s a next time, I promise that you end up in the orthopedic ward.” 

Her voice was so chilling that Ryan was too scared to mess with her anymore. With his shoulder throbbing in pain and his face distorted, he could only beg for mercy. I’m sorry! I’ll never raise my voice at you again.” 

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Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel



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Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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