Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 35

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 35

Chapter 35 

Don’t tell me that you want to keep staying here and enjoying it,Mia said, rolling up the car window as Brandon hit the gas and left the art exhibition in the dust

The art exhibition today was kind of disappointing, don’t you think?Brandon was really bummed out when he discovered that the piece from Florence was nothing but a fake

Not bad,Mia replied, not feeling like it was a wasted trip since she had stumbled upon a counterfeit

Mr. Hall, are you heading to the office? Just drop me off somewhere convenient then,she looked at him and said

Are you going to go see that collector now?Brandon voiced his speculation, as it was just the two of them in the car

Nah, not really. I was thinking about exploring the nearby mall.” Mia glanced at the mall in the distance, quickly coming up with an excuse

Oh, I can drive you there,” he said as he looked over at her. He had no plans, so he decided to spend 

more time with her

Well, you don’t have to do that. It’s no big deal. I can handle it on my own.She politely declined, not wanting him to keep tailing her

Alright then, I’ll drop you off up ahead,he said

Thanks, Mr. Hall. Goodbye.” She then bid him farewell and stepped out of the car

As she watched Brandon’s car drive away, she waved down a taxi and went the other way

Brandon then dialed Daniel’s number, saying, Mia must be going to see that collector. Follow her discreetly and make sure she doesn’t notice.” 

Got it,” Daniel responded

Brandon ended the call and drove toward his mansion

Mia, sitting in the taxi, glanced out the window and noticed a car following her through the rearview 


Sir, please make a Uturn and take me to the nearby mall.” 

Sure enough, after the Uturn, the car that had been following her didn’t continue tailing her but instead drove on ahead

She smirked, thinking that Brandon was quite cunning to have actually sent someone to keep an eye 

on her

Meanwhile, Brandon’s phone rang

Mr. Hall, Ms. Wilson hasn’t left the city area. It seems she’s heading back home,” Daniel reported

Alright, no need to keep following her.” 

Mia hopped off at the mall and dialed Jango’s number. What are you working on? Swing by and pick me up,” she said

He replied, Send me the address.” 

Before long, he pulled up next to Mia, who opened the door and got in

What have you been up to lately?he inquired

Attending school. I just came out today to visit an art exhibition,” Mia replied in a disinterested tone


Chapter 45 

What exhibition? You should’ve invited me.Jango said, eager to spend time with her since it had been a while

Just an art exhibit. Nothing I was dying to see,she replied, stopping herself from revealing too much

Did so 

someone else drag you there?Jango blurted out

Then he quickly caught on and eyed her with doubt, Were you visiting with Brandon?” 

To her surprise, Jango’s guess was spot on. She remained silent and avoided making eye contact with him

Seeing her silence, Jango knew that he had hit the mark. I knew it! You’ve found new love and don’t even want your friends anymore

No! You two went to the exhibition together. So why didn’t he drive you here?he asked, puzzled

Mia had to come up with an excuse since he had found out. He left early because he had to get to work.” 

He has no manners. How could he just leave a lady hanging and take off? Good thing I’m here!Jango boasted

Mia didn’t want to hear his rambling any longer and quickly changed the subject

Anyway, I need you to do me a favor,she interjected before he could say more

What is it?” 

At the exhibition today, I saw a highquality counterfeit of my work. I can’t go investigate it myself, so could you find out who’s behind it? I’ve sent the information to your phone,she explained briefly

Sure thing, leave it to me. You can count on me,Jango reassured her

But I’m somewhat curious: who has the nerve to copy your work?he asked, sounding a bit surprised

I’m curious too. Keep me posted when you figure it out, Mia replied, gazing out the window

Got it

By the way, I sent you some information last week. Have you had a chance to look it over?he inquired

I’ve read it all. It’s a valuable land, so we must get it,she asserted confidently

He said, sounding confident, No problem buying that land. If we raise the price a bit, we’ll grab it just like you want

Price is not the issue; we gotta take that land, she stated firmly

I get what you’re saying.” 

Alright, this is my place.” 

See you.Jango watched her enter her home before driving off

In the foyer, Lily appeared as Mia walked in. Mom! Why do you walk so quietly?” 

Where’s Brandon?Lily peered behind Mia, not finding him

Mia replied, looking puzzled, He’s not here.” 

Not here? Wasn’t he with you?Lily appeared slightly shocked

Before heading upstairs, Mia explained, Yes, but he left early because he had some business to deal with


Crupter 25 

Oh!Lily finally understood and nodded

Then she curiously asked. How did the art exhibition go?” 

Not bad.” 

And how’s Brandon? Lily looked at her with anticipation

Not bad,she responded casually, even though she didn’t hear her words clearly

I knew it! You’ve been around him more, so you’re not so resistant anymore, right? Actually, he stands out among all the guys. Lily reckoned that Mia must have had a change of heart about Brandon and started praising him

Oh, there you go again. I’m heading upstairs to change, Mia said as she got up and made her way to 

the stairs

You always avoid the topic whenever Brandon is mentioned. Let’s see how long you can keep dodging.Lily remarked

Then Sophia walked in from outside and greeted Lily. Mom, I’m back 

Where did you go?Lily hadn’t seen her since the morning

I went to meet some classmates. Is Mia home?Sophia asked

Lily replied, She just got back. She’s upstairs now.” 

Oh, did Brandon drive her home?Sophia inquired tentatively

No, she came back alone.” 

Alone? I clearly saw Brandon with herSophia hesitated to finish her sentence

You saw Brandon with Mia, huh? Did you also go to the art exhibition?Lily asked incredulously, pressing for more information

Well, I was just hanging out with my classmates and happened to see them there,Sophia quickly explained

So Mia came back alone. Did something unpleasant happen between her and Brandon?Sophia speculated randomly standing next to Lily

Unpleasant?Lily quickly recalled Mia’s expression

Mom, take your time to think. I’m going upstairs.Sophia was happy as long as Mia was sad

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Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel



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Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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