Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 3

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 3


Yeah.” Yarrow said with a smile as he walked, Grandpa really likes Florence’s artwork. Unfortunately, she only has a few paintings. He tried to buy her last two paintings, but she wouldn’t sell them. He’s been waiting for a new painting by her, but I heard that she may not be able to do another painting for a few months.” 

Mia felt uncomfortable while listening to him. She did not anticipate her grandfather to be he: biggest supporterShe wondered how he would feel when he found out that she was Florence

Finally, they arrived in the living room. There was a middleaged couple and a young girl about the same age as Mia sitting there

Mom, Dad, I brought my sister back.” 

When Lily Wilson saw Mia, her eyes lit up. She immediately got up, waved her hand, and asked, You areMia?” 

The moment Mia saw the woman, she immediately remembered her dreams

The woman’s face seemed very familiar. When she was young and living in an orphanage, that face frequently appeared in her dreams. She dedicated herself to painting, hoping to create a portrait of the woman and find her…. 

Seeing her, she felt a warm sensation in her heart and tightly closed her hands to control herexcitement

Yes, I amYou’re my mother?she asked

Lily sadly stepped toward her and gave her a hug, unable to hold back her tears. My daughter, you are finally back.” 

Simba Wilson watched on as his wife embraced their daughter. Despite his typically logical disposition, he couldn’t keep from shedding tears as he uttered, We’ve finally found you.” Mia hugged Lily awkwardly, but she felt like she finally belonged somewhere

She had everything she needed already. And now, her only wish to find her family had 

come true

As she thought happily, a gentle voice interrupted. I caused all of this. If I hadn’t shown up

would have come back 

the police wouldn’t have made a mistake on the DNA test, and M. 15. If I hadn’t shown

home much sooner.” 

Mia took another look at the young girl. She still didn’t know who she was

When Lily heard Sophia Wilson blaming herself, she reached out, held Sophia’s hand, and said, What are you talking about? If you hadn’t been here with me for all these years, I would have been devastated. No need to worry. Even though your sister has come back. now, you are still my daughter.” 

Sophia was so moved that her eyes turned red. Mom” 

The touching scene immediately diverted the onlookersattention from Mia

Mia frowned. She ha 

a general idea of what had happened

The police made a mistake on the DNA test and ended up declaring that this young girl was 



the biological child of her parents

The Wilson family never looked for Mia after she went missing because Sophia had been pretending to be her. If Mia hadn’t persisted and found them, Sophia might have taken her place forever

Thinking of this, Mia began to dislike Sophia. She said coldly. So I have a brother and a younger sister. No wonder no one searched for me all these years. Someone has replaced 

  1. me

Sophia immediately put on an innocent look. MiaI’m really sorry. I didn’t want that to happen. The police got it wrong” 

Simba looked helpless. Lily was in a bad state of mind after Mia’s disappearance, so he didn’t do another DNA test and decided to adopt Sophia. However, he didn’t expect that as she grew older, she would look less and less like a Wilson

The police made a mistake on the DNA test? And the outcome revealed that you’re 99% related to my parents?Mia snorted, not believing it to be true. I want to know which police station ran the test. We have to figure it out, or I will suspect that someone intentionally altered the outcome.” 

Mia’s words made sense, and Yarrow frowned

He had started to sense something was wrong a few days ago, but this thing occurred a decade ago, which made it harder to investigate

Sophia appeared ashamed and then aggrieved once again. She chewed her lip and said, I knowI was in your place. You must surely dislike meYou can hit me or scold me. I’m fine with it.” 

Mia narrowed her eyes and looked at Sophia, who was pretending to be pitiful, just like Jess had always done. But this was Mia’s home, and she would not tolerate anyone anymore. You’re clever, Sophia. You made it sound like I bullied you in just a few words. But I was the one away from my parents for 10 years, and you took my place. You look like you’re going to cry. Those who don’t know the truth may think that I’ve taken your place for 10 

Mia’s words left Sophia speechless

Sophia had believed that Mia couldn’t co wrong now


te with her, but she realized that she was 

Lily noticed that Mia was upset and said, It’s entirely my fault, Mia. I missed you too much and failed to noticePlease don’t blame Sophia” 

Mia frowned and looked at Lily with pity but couldn’t bring herself to express her true thoughts about Sophia.. 

Fortunately, she had spent the last 10 years learning many things, otherwise she wouldn’t have let go of Sophia, who was scheming against her

Mom, don’t worry. I do have some issues, but Sophia has been taking care of you for 10 years, so I will be peaceful with her unless she has a problem with me.” 

Sophia looked at Mia’s cold face with an awkward expression and said, You are my sister. I won’t have a problem with you.” 

Mia raised her eyebrows. That would be for the best


She looked at Sophia carefully with her sharp eyes, thinking, If she conducts herself like an honorable person in the future, there will be no trouble with her.” 

Lily sighed with relief when she heard that her two daughters could live together in peace

Yarrow said. Mom, Dad, Mia came over in a hurry and didn’t have dinner yet. Let’s go to the dining room together.” 

Okay,” Lily nodded, smiling. I wasn’t sure what you liked to eat, so I had the housekeeper prepare a variety of good food. I hope you enjoy it all.” 

Simba noticed that something was wrong. It’s so late now. Why haven’t you had dinner yet?” 

Mia didn’t want to tell him what the Smiths had done, but Yarrow did

After hearing about it, Simba was furious. They will pay for treating my daughter like this!” 

Mia was his beloved daughter that he would dote on. Of course, he would make the Smiths 


There’s no need. I handled it already. The Smiths will vanish from Trasvinen tomorrow,Yarrow said nonchalantly, as if chatting about the weather

Sophia was quite jealous when she found out that Yarrow had made a family disappear for Mia

In the past, her brother had favored her above everyone else. No matter who spoke against her, he always defended her. But he had never shielded her like this


Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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Status: Ongoing Released: 12/18/2023 Native Language: English
Deceptive Charades of Love" by Jennifer Oven is a captivating novel that explores the intricate layers of romantic relationships. Through nuanced characters and unexpected twists, Oven delves into the complexities of love, revealing the hidden truths and illusions that shape the emotional landscape of her narrative.

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel



Night fell. The Smith family's house was brightly lit. A party was being held to celebrate Jess Smith's 18th birthday, the beloved child of the President of the Smith Group. She wore a pricey dress, looking happy and proud. Tonight, everyone's attention was on her. She felt happy and complacent. There was a sudden commotion in the crowd. "Is that the other daughter of Mr. Smith?" "She's just as beautiful as they say." Jess turned around when she heard the crowd's discussion and saw that Mia was coming downstairs. Although Mia wore a simple white dress instead of something grand, she was still a head-turner. She had captivating eyes and pretty red lips. Her perfect face and stunning figure overshadowed Jess. Seeing this, Jess was extremely jealous.  

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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Title: Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English


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