Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 27

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 27

Chapter 27 

Mia shot him a look, saying, You brought this on yourself. If you weren’t being sneaky. Ms. Clark wouldn’t have fallen for your trap

By the way, read a few more books when you get the chance!she sneered at him, ready to stroll into 

the classroom

Reed, she’s saying that you misuse idioms. That’s disrespectful!Ryan expressed his irritation

I’m not deaf, you know?Reed playfully smacked Ryan’s head

Stop her!he commanded

Mia paused, eyeing him, and asked, What’s your deal?” 

Nothing much, just want to have a chat with you.” After the last incident, Reed didn’t dare to lay a finger on her easily, especially around the classroom

I’ve got nothing to talk to you about. Tell your crew to step aside!Mia stared at him. expressionlessly

And what if I don’t?He provocatively challenged her

Her gaze turned a bit chilly as she said with a slight grin, Healed up from the injury already?” 

Reed held his breath for a moment. He hadn’t expected her to bring that up. Planning to kick me again today?” 

Let me tell you something, I went easy on you that day. If you come at me again today, I won’t be so mercifull” 

As the two locked eyes, the air around Mia seemed to drop a few degrees

In the next moment, she tilted her body slightly, causing Reed and his and 

pane to take a step! assume defensive positions

At the sight of that, Mia’s lips curled up slightly. These guys dared to challenge her with just these. moves. She wondered who gave them the courage

Suddenly, a loud voice sounded behind Mia

Reed, what’s going on?Ms. Clark shouted as she marched angrily toward them.. 

Seeing her, Reed and his gang turned to make a break for it 

Hold it right there! One more step, and I’ll be calling your parents!Ms. Clark arrived in front of 


Hearing the threat, Reed’s gang dared not run anymore. They could only stay put, awaiting Ms. Clark’s scolding

Bullying a female classmate in the hallway? Have you no discipline or shame? Don’t you know how to respect girls

Tall guys like you, not only do you fail to protect girls, but you also bully them at every turn. It’s outrageous!She scolded them loudly

Mia, Emily go back to the classroom

Reed, where were you guys this morning?she asked

We’ve been in the classroom all along. Reed lied with his eyes wide open

Lies! Why didn’t I see you? We’ll settle this matter later


Chapter 27 

Ryan, what about that chair?she inquired, looking at Ryan

Huh? What chair?Ryan looked back at her, puzzled

Quit pretending. I’m talking about the chair you took from the platform this morning. Who did it?Ms. Clark’s gaze swept across their faces

I don’t know.Ryan continued to feign ignorance

If you won’t talk, fine. Let your parents come to school tomorrow then.Ms. Clark pulled out her trump card. She knew that no one wanted their parents to be embarrassed at school

Reed, say somethingRyan didn’t want his parents called over for such a trivial matter

With things reaching this point, Reed didn’t want his buddies to suffer because of him. Summoning up his courage, he looked at Ms. Clark and confessed. I was the one who tampered with the chair.” 

I knew it was you. No one else would dare. She looked displeased as she scolded him

Destroying school property, playing pranks on teachersyour punishment is to clean the whole classroom for a week, Ms. Clark declared with seriousness

Teacher, tomorrow is PE class. Ain’t this punishment a bit too heavy? He can’t handle it alone.” Ryan tried to get Reed out of it by playing the Mr. Brown’s grandson card

You’ve been quiet. I almost forgot about you. You think the punishment’s too harsh?” 


Alright, you’re in too.She added Ryan to the punishment without a second thought

Come on, Teacher, I can’tRyan didn’t expect to fall into the trap himself

You can, and I think it’s fitting for both of you to do it together

The rest of you, back to the classroom. Since you hate class so much, stay in the hallway this afternoon. Clean up right after school,” she ordered before heading into the classroom with the 


In the hallway, Ryan looked at his friend and said, Reed, ain’t this too damn coincidental? We barely did squat, and the teacher’s already on our asses. Mia’s luck is too damn good.” 

No worries. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Since we can’t get at her in the classroom, we’ll catch her during gym class

I don’t believe a girl can outmuscle us! We’ll make her pay.Reed’s eyes already envisioned Mia’s embarrassing scene, and a wicked smile played on his lips

Exactly. Maybe she’ll end up begging for mercy” 

The bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. Mia and Emily strolled out of the classroom, giving. a glance to Reed and Ryan outside the door. Do a better job cleaning up this time. No funny business or you’ll regret it,” Mia warned

Don’t get too cocky. Your time to cry will come.Reed shot her a cold look

Really? I’ll be waiting for it.Mia squinted, a faint smile on her lips, and walked away with Emily towards the school gates

At the school gate, Sophia noticed Mia and hurried over

Mia. I’ve been waiting for you at the gate. I was afraid you’d come out early. Luckily, you didn’t.Sophia deliberately pretended to have a good relationship with Mia in front of outsiders

Mia glanced at her, asking. Why were you waiting for me?” 

To go back together, of course. Today you didn’t drive, but don’t worry, our ride is probably on its 

Chapter 27 

way to pick us up soon.” 

Emily looked at Sophia and asked, Who are you?” 

I’m Mia’s sister, Sophia.She introduced herself

Mia gave her a look. Who told her she could claim to be her sister? She didn’t have a sister like that

UmMia wanted to explain, but Emily beat her to it

Oh, so you’re Mia’s sister. Nice to meet you. I’m Emily, Mia’s classmate.Emily smiled warmly, though she couldn’t help but feel they didn’t look alike at all

Mia watched them getting to know each other enthusiastically and wished that she could leave as soon as possible

As they chatted, a fancy car pulled up in front of Mia. The window rolled down, revealing Brandon’s face

Brandon?She looked at him in surprise

Get in the car.” 

She declined his offer. No need. My ride will be here soon.” 

Standing on the side, Emily was astonished. Riding in Brandon’s car was a golden opportunity, and Mia just turned it down.. 

When I came by earlier, I saw your car seemed to have broken down on the roadside,” Brandon) informed her

That old trick? Why are you still using it?Mia asked, wearing an expression of disbelief

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Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel



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Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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