Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 2

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 2


Ronnie’s face went white with fear as he thought that he had almost called the security guards to remove this man who turned out to be a Wilson

He never imagined that he would meet a Wilson family member in his lifetime. And he definitely didn’t anticipate a Wilson attending his family’s banquet, all because of Mia

With this thought in mind, he pushed Gail away and stepped forward with a gratified smile. I’m honored to have you here, Mr. Wilson. It means a lot to my family.” 

A hint of disdain showed in Mia’s eyes as she thought, Why didn’t I realize that my adoptive dad was such a phony, hypocritical weathercock? He must’ve been nice to me before because my blood could keep Jess alive.” 

Yarrow gave Ronnie a sharp look and said, I came to pick up my sister, not attend your banquet.” 

With that, the atmosphere became tense

The Wilson family is indeed powerful. This guy even rejects Mr. Smith,” a person in the crowd thought

Ronnie, who was in his 40s, had never before felt such a strong presence that could leave him speechless

Consumed by jealousy, Jess exclaimed, How can this be? I mean, she’s from an orphanage, so how can she be a member of the Wilson family? There must be some mistake!” 

Yarrow overheard her words in the back of the crowd. He gave Jess an intense look while saying, So, you’re the one treating my sister like a free blood bank?” 

His frightening eyes and voice caused Jess to feel an immediate chill and break out in a cold sweat. She got so scared and searched for an excuse. My parents brought her up. Why can’t I use some of her blood?” 

Yarrow scoffed. Sure, you can do that, but the Wilson family doesn’t give anything away for free. The Smith Group’s disappearance is sufficient to repay her kindness.” 

His words caused an uproar

Everybody knew that the Wilson fa 

kept their promises

So the Smith Group would no longer exist starting tomorrow

No! No!Ronnie was so scared that his legs went weak and he wanted to beg for 

Yarrow ignored him and gave Mia a look. Let’s go.” 


This was the first time Mia had been protected by her family. She nodded, feeling moved, and turned to leave

No! Mia, don’t be so cruel to us!yelled Ronnie at the top of his lungs

Yarrow stood before him and stared down with a cold expression. You made my sister give blood. But that didn’t seem cruel to you?” 

Ronnie was left speechless and regretted not standing up for Mia

If he had known that Mia was a member of the Wilson family, he would have put her on





Yarrow turned around and said coldly, Since Mia is leaving, there’s no reason for the Smith family to exist anymore. If anyone wants to end up like them, they can stay.” 

With that, he left

The terrified guests hurriedly left as well

Ronnie fell to the ground, knowing that he was finished

Wideeyed with shock, Jess stared at her father and said, Dad, you have to do something! We can’t go bankrupt. I still need additional treatment.” 

Although her surgery went well, she still had to take medication that would be expensive

Ronnie shoved her down to the ground and had an overwhelming desire to choke her until she died. Get lost! Without you, we wouldn’t have had any trouble with Mia and wouldn’t be in this mess!” 

Jess dropped to the floor and stared at her dad in shock. She never anticipated him treating her in this manner

No, that can’t happenWe won’t go bankrupt,” she murmured, thinking, The Wilson family isn’t allpowerful. They can’t make our family’s business vanish!” 

Ronnie was so angry and anxious that he fainted

Honey!Gail hurriedly supported him and then took him to the hospital

After that, Jess was left alone at home, still refusing to believe that Mia was a member of the Wilson family… 

Two hours later…. 

In Wilson Manor…. 

Mia never thought she’d enter this offlimits place one day

Entering this place was difficult for anyone to enter, regardless of their identity. However, her family lived here

Yarrow opened the car door and stretched out his hand to her with a smile. We’re home. Everyone’s waiting for you.” 

In response, Mia nodded calmly

Yarrow looked at her once more. He thought that she might have some difficulty accepting her identity as a Wilson when he suddenly went to pick her up. However, she appeared cool, calm, and collected after leaving the Smith family’s place

As he led the way, the

immediately stood on both sides of the driveway and said 

respectfully, Welcome home, Mr. and Miss Wilson.” 

It appeared as though they were welcoming a member of the royal family, which made Mia feel a bit uncomfortable

Because of her secret job, she preferred to avoid drawing attention to herself. She always envisioned being her true self in an average family. But her actual family was more distinguished than the Smith family, and she realized that she would need to be more careful




Walking into the mansion, she saw an oldfashioned hallway with wellknown artworks hanging on both walls. At a glance, she could tell that they were worth millions of dollars

My family has great taste,” she thought to herself

Then she saw a familiar painting and couldn’t help but stop

Yarrow smiled and said, This painting was done by a talented painter named Florence, It’s called The Maiden by the Sea. Grandpa bought it at a high price.” 

I never thoughtGrandpa had such good taste!Mia said, the corners of her mouth twitching

She had made this painting without much thought. She didn’t anticipate anyone taking an interest in it, let alone buying it for millions. At the time, she presumed that the buyer had to be wealthy but foolish. But it turned out to be her own family


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Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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Status: Ongoing Released: 12/18/2023 Native Language: English
Deceptive Charades of Love" by Jennifer Oven is a captivating novel that explores the intricate layers of romantic relationships. Through nuanced characters and unexpected twists, Oven delves into the complexities of love, revealing the hidden truths and illusions that shape the emotional landscape of her narrative.

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel



Night fell. The Smith family's house was brightly lit. A party was being held to celebrate Jess Smith's 18th birthday, the beloved child of the President of the Smith Group. She wore a pricey dress, looking happy and proud. Tonight, everyone's attention was on her. She felt happy and complacent. There was a sudden commotion in the crowd. "Is that the other daughter of Mr. Smith?" "She's just as beautiful as they say." Jess turned around when she heard the crowd's discussion and saw that Mia was coming downstairs. Although Mia wore a simple white dress instead of something grand, she was still a head-turner. She had captivating eyes and pretty red lips. Her perfect face and stunning figure overshadowed Jess. Seeing this, Jess was extremely jealous.  

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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Title: Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English


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